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Minnesota DNR permits are not required provided there are no more than 30 participants.

MN BASS Nation bylaws state that club tournaments are allowed on lakes of 5,000 Acres or less on a first come/first served basis with the following restrictions:
1. Limit of five (5) tournaments annually on any one lake.
2. One tournament per weekend.

MN BASS Nation bylaws require that each club submit their lake choices to the Tournament Director after December 1st of the preceding year. The Tournament Director will compile a list of the club tournament schedules and resolve any conflicts. Remember that this process is on a first come, first serve basis.

The MN BASS Nation places no restrictions on lakes over 5,000 acres.

Minnesota State law requires a written permit from the county Sheriff's office for any tournament, regardless of size.

In addition, each club is responsible for ensuring that all permits, if applicable, are acquired from other local government bodies. (City Hall, Lake Conservation District office, etc).

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If "proof of insurance" is required, download this proof of insurance document.